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Five reasons to book with us

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Booking a vacation should be an enjoyable experience, yet it often turns into an overwhelming one. Deciding which of the innumerable websites to use to plan your travels can leave your head spinning, not to mention attempting to pin down the right location, resort and activities for your needs and lifestyle. And not being familiar with the region you are researching can make this task even more daunting.

As working travel agents, we've assembled a list of the top five reasons to book your next vacation with a professional:

We are your travel advocate

An agent has your best interests in mind and is adept at pairing you with the most suitable destination and resort. We will do some serious listening when it comes to your wish list, allowing us to fully understand your unique vision of a perfect getaway. From the moment you begin the travel discussion until you return home, we will serve as your champion. We are there to walk you through any questions or issues that may arise, even while you are traveling.

We know what you don't know

A well-informed agent is an expert on all things travel. We travel extensively and know the destinations, the hotels, the activities and most importantly, the right people. We have forged beneficial relationships with hoteliers and other pertinent travel executives so we can ensure top-level service throughout your vacation.

We want you to have an experience, not just a trip

Trips are for amateurs. A professional travel agent wants you to have an amazing experience from start to finish. Our services go beyond booking a plane ticket and making a hotel reservation does. We anticipate details large and small that will make your vacation truly memorable.

Trip Plans

Today's professionals represent a new breed of travel advisor with a completely different take on vacation planning. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the industry, firsthand experiences and relationships with travel insiders, we sift through the Internet fluff to bring you the foremost travel options tailored to your likes and dislikes.

Booking with Pak Travels

We're online and waiting for your call 12 hours Monday to Friday, 10hours Saturday and open on Sunday 10am to 4pm.Our customers can access our web site for access to specially selected airfares, hotels and holiday plans. Whatever the purpose of your trip, whatever the destination and the experiences you wish to enjoy, Pak Travels is always there for you. Since 1968 we have been serving customers by booking flights and hotels to multiple destinations around the world along with tailor made Umrah and Hajj packages in exclusive 3 stars, 4 stars and 5stars prestigious hotels in Makkah and Medina.